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If Your 1st Grader Finished Saxon 2 Today...

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Saxon actually runs a grade lower right? I am pretty sure a lot of people use Saxon 1 for Kinder so she's basically finished her 1st grade math and is probably ready for the next level - if you're happy with Saxon I'd probably just move on to Saxon 3. Typically we finish our MUS way too early in the year to wait until fall so I supplement with Singapore - that's always a good option too.

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When my ds was in 1st grade and finished Saxon 2 early we worked on Singapore Challenging Word Problems 1 for the rest of the year. He's now in 3rd grade doing Saxon 5/4. Last spring he tested very highly on the word problems portion of the standardized test. I credit working through Singapore Challenging Word problems after completing Saxon each year.



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Equate--It's like Scrabble, but with equations. I would play that with him every day.


Fraction, Percent, and Decimal blocks from Lakeshore Learning--I would assign him to play with these for 10 minutes each day. I would tell him the names on them and encourage him to figure out equivalencies.


Kapla blocks--I would buy him a really big set, and encourage him to play with them and get used to 3D patterning and equilibrium of forces.


Quartermile Math--I would set this up for him to play 3 times per week, to keep up the math facts knowledge that he has already acquired.

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