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Science curriculum for 3rd grade


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Hi there. My seven year old daughter is starting third grade in about a month and I'm looking for a science curriculum. For the last two years we've used Pandia Press's R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey and we both absolutely love it. However, there is no release date I can find for the chemistry book other than "2009".


Does anyone have any better idea when their chemistry curriculum will be released? Barring that, the method recommended in the Well Trained Mind, using Adventures With Atoms and Molecules and the Usborne First Encyclopedia of Science looks doable.


Thank you

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Wow, that looks like a very intensive program. My daughter has been very big into science the last two years so it's probably worth the investment.



Am I right that the set includes everything on this page and this is everything I need for the whole year? That would be great as it was quite a bother coming to lessons in R.E.A.L. Science that required things I didn't have. I fail at reading ahead.


I like that each day is clearly planned out. I really like scripted lessons and lessons that I don't have to put a lot of energy into pre-planning. She'll also like that it's a 4-day week. We do a 4 day school week and to do science every single day would be a joy for her. Thanks very much! If my husband will approve the cost I think this will be great.

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