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Am I correct that Omnibus doesn't cover

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Omnibus goes through some sections of Spielvogel's Western Civilization, and there is definitely a lot of history that is covered via the Great Books. However, it wasn't quite enough for what I wanted to do. I would recommend reading the entire chapter from the Western Civilization book, rather than the shorter sections that are assigned by Omnibus. There are also online resources that you can use to help your student review, etc. You can either design tests, or else order a test making program from the publisher. I used World History instead of Western Civilization, and I used the Study Guide for World History which had practice tests within. I used those practice tests, plus I added a few questions of my own, and used those as their history tests. Then I assigned them a full credit for literature and a full credit for history. Since we didn't do all of the Omnibus readings, I did not assign them a full credit for theology. However, if you do all of the readings, all of the assignments, you can give your student a full credit each in theology, history, and literature.

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Are we talking about Omnibus I primary and secondary?

The Secondary readings are mostly literature readings, but "lighter" in comparison to the Primary readings. Most of the history is covered through the Primary readings and reading Western Civilization. Like Beth in SW WA, we used World History: A Human Odyssey, also by Spielvogel, to beef up the history portion. I think it's important for students to read the full chapters, either in the World History book or the Western Civilization book.

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