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Keystone for diploma

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I am tossing around ideas for high school and have been looking at Keystone.

I would probably do the diploma with their minimum requirements from there and then transfer in other credits from classes we take at home/ co-op/ local high school (we have that option for a couple classes)/cc/ etc.


I have read mixed reviews about Keystone but I think I could choose carefully the classes I take through them and then I would still have plenty of flexability for other courses while still qualifying for a diploma from them.


Has anyone gone this route? Did it work out as planned? Any pitfalls I need to know about? How do colleges look at a transcript/ diploma from Keystone (or a similar school)? From what I see the Keystone transcipt would be accepted by the NCAA.


I, for some reason, am still very fuzzy about how I would award my own transcipt / diploma and I would be more comfortable having some guidance in that department.


Any input would be helpful.



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I'll have a go at trying to answer your questions.


This is our second year with Keystone. Previously, we did K-12 online school so we were already in an online school state of mind.


We have not done all our classes from Keystone. You probably already know to graduate from Keystone , the student must have done one Keystone class in each core subject. My 15 yo will be starting CC classes next fall, so we will be transferring those as well for credit.


My experience--and what I've heard from others--is the policy about accepting other classes is lenient,as long as you have the class scope well documented with examples of the student's work.


Keystone is an accredited high school diploma. There is a long list on Keystone's site that lists some of the colleges that accept their diploma without questions.


You can search this forum for previous discussions about Keystone for more info. As well, there is a Keystone parents yahoo group you could search it out.


Hope this helps you,



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satisfaction largely depends on the course and the teacher.


Our overall experience has been good although I detest, detest, detest the structure for their grade level Lit classes.



All of the students' writing goes in a journal--which is not graded until the end of the semester. And the grade on the journal is a pass/fail--no specific feedback. So the only feedback the student gets on his essay writing is on tests. This is a common and frequently voiced complaint on the Keystone boards. When I complained to Keystone, I was basically told that based on their experience, this is the system that works best. For whom, I'd like to know?


I am a firm believer in the write/feedback/corrections then write, write more. How can a student learn if s/he doesn't hear suggestions for improvement from his teacher??:001_huh:


If you decide to go the Keystone route, I'd have your student take business writing or creative writing to fulfill the core course requirement. You can find a lit/comp class elsewhere that will serve your student much better.


And as I said --our over all experience is good. After all, we are still with the program. I just get on my soapbox about their Lit classes and have a hard time getting off. :001_smile:


On the Keystone yahoo group, they have posted the syllabus of many courses so you can get a feel for the class content before you enroll.



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