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Where do I order Lial's Algebra from??

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Can someone please tell me where I am supposed to order Lial's algebra from??


I want to make sure I get the newest book and can't figure out where to purchase it.


Oh and what other supplements should I consider buying to go with the main book as well? I see they sell other things and for some reason this is just more complicated to me than ordering Saxon was.



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Most who use the Lial series use either the 7th or the 8th editions. I have both and teach from both---only MINOR differences (mainly cover). My students choose based on price (most use 7th edition). You can still purchase these 'used' in NEW condition at amazon.com or half.com to name my usual spots.


The newest edition out is the 9th (insert long story). It was just released this month so I do not know what changes were made. Publisher still has 8th edition as current.


Best place to order the 'newest' edition is through the publisher You can purchase the 8th edition there also--but it is cheaper at amazon.com or half.com


Algebra 1 is called "Introductory Algebra" (also called Betginning Algebra in a different series)

Algebra 2 is called " Intermediate Algebra"


Again, I suggest going with the 7th or 8th editions--I just like the layout better. 7th edition is a 2002 text--so not that old!


Besides the student text you might want to pick up the student solutions manual. The DVTs are optional video lessons watched on computer (cd). The student text alone is the minimal purchase (answers to odds and Test answers are in the back of the book).


Feel free to PM me if you need help scheduling or if you ever get stuck on a lesson.



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