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I'm going to Uganda this summer...

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http://ugandaorphans.orgToday I received my official acceptance by the team's leaders. I posted about it some on the K-8 curriculum board because I will be working with teacher's (and students too!) and training them in math and science resources.


We will be working at a children's home that has 90 students ages 3 to 10. These children will live here until they are adults--and the goal is to provide them with quality education and training so they can be among Uganda's future leaders. All of these children are HIV/AIDS orphans. All were found living on the streets in a country the size of Texas---there are over 3 MILLION children in Uganda that are considered HIV/AIDS orphans--most are under the age of 10 and most are living on the streets/starving.


I'm humbled to be chosen to work with these teachers and students. I know I will be changed in a BIG way when I return.


If you have any ideas about curriculum or helps/manipulatives please share--as it has been several years since my own dds were little.


I'd also appreciate your prayer support as I gather my resources and prepare myself physically and mentally for this trip. (Especially pray that the manditory vaccinations do not make me ill!).

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What exciting news, Jann! Is this in conjunction with a particular organization? I would love to hear more; perhaps I need to find your post on the K-8 board. We sponsor five children, two of whom are Ugandan, through Childcare Worldwide. I had hopes of going over with a group this May, but the trip is on hold for now due to the unrest in Kenya, where we would also visit/work. It may come together this fall. Working in East Africa has been a lifelong goal of mine.

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Sadly, he, too, has HIV. Sometimes it seems like everybody has it. When I lived in Kenya, there were so many HIV orphans.


I have no clue about what you need only that I don't recommend hanging your clothes out to dry without ironing them afterward, check your shoes, don't walk barefoot, and don't drink the water.:p

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They have been in Bundibugyo for 12 years and have done amazing things there. They will be leaving to lead a new team in the Sudan. My husband and I are former teachers and had at one time considered teaching the MK's there. That's an amazing opportunity. God bless your work!



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I found my 'packet' and spoke with our team leader today.


I will be going with a group to Grace International's Lulwanda Children's Home in Mbale, Uganda.


English is the 'official' language of Uganda and the children are all educated with English materials. The country mandates the curriculum basics--McMillian published for Uganda (sensitive to the needs of the country with emphasis on agriculture).


In the next few weeks I will receive materials to make lesson plans for elementary Math. The 'teachers' there only have 1-2 years of 'college' which is closer to a high school degree here in the USA. They do not have any official 'teacher training' on developing lesson plans...so mine will be a model they can use. I will be working with teacher development teams as well as actually teaching classes for the 2 weeks I'll be there.


I'm starting to get excited--now I just have to raise my $3500 support---the organization prefers that you do not pay for the trip yourself...this gives you the opportunity to share with other people about the cause--and it gives them the opportunity to be a part of something worthwile.

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