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anyone have a child with a "diagnosis" of Asperger's syndrome?

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What did getting the diagnosis involve? How has it been helpful to have it? Know of any books re. teens/preteens with asperger's and their capacity for normal friendships?


My 8yo was diagnosed this past year (Asperger's was the final diagnosis, but the doc wavered for a while between Asperger's and autism).


It involved a referral from our regular doc (who agreed with our concerns) to a psychologist. She (the psychologist) did the necessary testing and gave us the diagnosis. The testing was a combination of observation and filling out written questionnaires (both us and our daughter). The battery she gave was for autism and Asperger's, since she saw traits from both, and the scores were what led her to waver between the two diagnoses.


What we've done with her, all along, just as a family, seems to have helped her function well, and the psychologist seemed okay with us simply continuing to do what we've been doing. She did give us some info about support groups, and specialists, should we decide to go that direction, and a friend here from the boards recommended resources from RDI. We're not pursuing their therapy, but I did get their book, Solving the Relationship Puzzle, and I believe it to be an awesome resource for parents with kids on the spectrum.


I don't know if my daughter has simply grown into a higher level of functioning (I'm skeptical about her diagnosis, and many beliefs about autism/Asperger's in general), or if the things we've incorporated from StRP have had something to do with it...but she's definitely moved forward by leaps and bounds this past year, with regards to her ability to form relationships, 'read' faces, etc. The book is highly recommended by me for that reason. We were able to help her function and change certain behaviors to help her look more 'normal' (dislike that word, but I'm sure you get what I mean), but this book and its techniques are focused on building human connections, and honestly...that was my concern for her. Not fitting in better, with the rest of the world, but connecting and having meaningful relationships.


Hope some of this helps...

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