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Documentaries for meteorology, geology?

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Earth, a Biography


is pretty good. It has a little too much of the "intense narration and swells of music" for my, admitted Victorian, tastes. I wouldn't rate him as the next David Attenborough, but the graphics are calm and well done, and it does generate some excitement. I don't mind the Scots accent. Some do.

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We love Earth: The Biography, by Iain Stewart. He is a geologist and is in the places that are being photographed and talked about, in the same way David Attenborough is. Dr Stewart is excellent at connecting ideas and using evidence from what is here now to postulate about the beginning of the earth and also the future (like the leaking methane gas in the ice episode). AND my 8 yr olds, who are not usually documentary lovers, really paid attention. Adding: three episodes - volcanos, air, ice -- but each covers more than the title suggests.


Ah, weather. We have a couple out from Netflix now and I am disappointed. I was looking for tornado info. Tornado Hunters -- 5 minutes was enough. World Almanac Extreme Weather was very uneven, with a few good episodes, more lackluster ones. Let me know if you find a good commercial weather video. Schlessinger Media does have 2 weather series -- I have one on order from library, but I'll try to remember to post later, if you like.






ETA The Weather, a BBC doc by Donal MacIntyre. I wikied him -- he is an investigative journalist. Might be worth a look?

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Have you made a trip to your local TV station? My dad worked at a TV station and I went to work with him occasionally. I loved watching how they created the weather reports and that was before all this snazzy new technology.


I bet a behind the scenes tour now would be a fun field trip.

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Have you heard of the Unchained Goddess? Here is a You Tube clip which has the intro and one whole minutes about global warming (the only part about it in the whole movie). The movie was filmed in 1958, and I used to see it, and Hemo the Magnificent in grade school as the Bell Labs educational films that were, as my brother put it, the highlight of an otherwise dull grade school.


You can get it on Amazon.


Here is the clip:



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