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I've sopken with my dad and received the breakdown of the different "Greeks" and I believe that I've chosen Koine.

I have a 10 year old, who will be almost half-way done with Henle I when we start. (she'll understand grammar better than me!)

I plan on doing Greek with her. My main goal is for her to learn Greek well enough to read the New Testament. I do want her to be strong enough in it to expand her vocabulary enough to read Attic, if she chooses to in High School.

I plan on us spending at least an hour a day between Latin (just her) and Greek (both of us)

I would love, like Heather in NC mentioned, to have a "Latina Christiana" type program with a DVD. Since I can't get that, I'd love suggestions...

I don't care for Latin's Not so Tough...so I don't want her Greek...



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My high schooler has used it independently to great success. Our vicar (student seminarian) was impressed with the program and wished that he had had something like that to learn Greek.


With a 10yo who has studied Latin, Elementary Greek I will probably be something he can work on with minimal supervision. The pronounciation CD's are helpful and easy to use!

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