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How do you spell Mamma/Momma?

What say you?  

  1. 1. What say you?

    • I love Mamma
    • I love Momma

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Help solving a raging debate in our house-hold.


While I suppose both are "colloquial" and perhaps equally correct (or incorrect) if you were going to transcribe a child's "narration" would you write:


1) I love Mamma


2) I love Momma


Note the Mamma/Momma in this sentence refers to the child's mother (not a nanny).


Bill (who urges you to vote "correctly" :D)

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I'm afraid I can't help. My youngest just yesterday morning told me what a lovely mum I was. She also calls me mummy. Oldest is strictly mum.

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"(Like the correlative, "papa".)



i prefer a simple Mom, altho the littler ones usually call me Mommy. my own mom preferred Mother. a friend's kids call her Ma.


if i was writing down a narrative of mama, I'd likely use the spelling abbey referenced for the reason mentioned, and if i had to choose from your two options I'd go w/ momma.




what number am I?? :lol:

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As further evidence for how "wrong" your two options are, I offer the track listings for Spring Awakening:



(Now I'm going to be humming "Mama Who Bore Me" all night...)


Oh yea, well I was going to tell you about the movie I Remember Momma but it turns out it's I Remember Mama :tongue_smilie:


Doesn't matter....I win :tongue_smilie:


Bill (no other)

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Well, I guess my sig line votes for me.


Fwiw, I *have* seen "Momma"--generally in the AA community. I think "Mamma" would be pronounced w/ a short a--like "Mammy" on Gone W/ the Wind, but a different ending.


GL! I know how those debates rage. So far, dh has won every pronunciation battle we've had. Apparently, all my vocab comes from books I've read, so I haven't heard the words pronounced & Dictionary.com always sides w/ him. :glare: At least he never questions my spelling. ;)

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