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Whale watching?

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Has anyone ever gone on a whale watching excursion off the coast of California? I would love to do this the next time we go to southern California (we're in AZ). Any fun experiences? Advice?




Yes, we've done it off the coast of Maine. Don't even think about doing it without having everyone take Dramamine. Please. It's just not worth it to watch your children puke over the side of the boat and be totally uninterested at the whales breeching off the side....


Seriously, the boats have to go way out to see the whales, and the ocean is much rougher than it seems close to shore. Better safe than sorry!


Ria (the only one who did not get sick, lol)

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It was great!!! We saw two different types & got some good pictures. The water wasn't rough for our location & time of year, so maybe a call to facility or to local resources to find out how far you go out i.e. co-ordinates & what the swells via local maritime channel reports might help.


Also how queasy dc are normally might be a gauge. We ate throughout the ride there & didn't see any other passengers experiencing any distress. Although & I thought it was not appropriate they served alcohol on our boat. I could see at night for an older dinner cruise type experience, but this was early noon & a couple of brothers were a side show we could have done without. It served as a lesson why we make certain choices & what bad choices look like.


Happy watching!!

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I talked my elderly parents into coming with us and was assured by the company that it was a calm day out there (it was calm on shore). It was extremely rough and everyone (my kids, dh, my parents) were terribly seasick. I didn't get seasick but I more than made up for it with guilt since this was all my idea.


I'm not sure whether we had bad luck with a quick weather change but it wasn't a great experience. Having said that, I'd do it again (without young kids and elderly parents).

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