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Question about high school credits

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I'm curious how parents combine classical education with meeting high school credit requirements, especially history and social studies. We are in GA, and at my husband's high school the students do 1/2 semester of Geography, 1/2 semester of Government, 1 full year of World History, US History, and Economics.


I've just started learning about classical education and my dd will be in 7th next year. We did MOH (Ancient History) this year, but I was considering going to BJU World and American History for 7th and 8th to cover the rest of history before she hits high school. If I do that, I will use BJU as our foundation, but develop it beyond just the curriculum with things like lots of good historical fiction, etc.


Thanks for any thoughts!

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I did this, too, except for the geography. The history and literature and government were combined in reality, but I separated them out on the transcript. My son also had extra social studies and geography, which my son mostly did through travel with an added academic component (although everything meshed together beautifully and at the time, they didn't seem separate subjects). I had a catagory called social studies on his transcript, and one called English. I put the literature under English, and all the history and geography and other things under social studies. I didn't put dates on the transcript. I had a cover page in which I explained about how we accomplished the things on the transcript, why we mostly had no grades, and other things like that. The one college we sent it to had no objections to this.


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We did what Nan and Kelli did- just "sort it" so that it makes sense, add a narrative if you want to explain more.We've found for college, the schools are really interested in test scores more than transcripts.


For college admissions we just submitted a standard transcript from her umbrella school and the community college, as well as her ACT scores. She was accepted, no problem.


But for this scholarship competition that is currently eating. up. our. lives. I did write a scope and sequence that included narratives about how we combined subjects and how we used college texts with no teacher support materials and how all of this made Sarah the coolest kid around and don't you people want to give her a full scholarship? Or something like that.


I do think the narrative was the right thing to do, even though it was not requested, just to make her stand out a bit. Let's hope I made her stand out in a good way! I guess we'll know next month!!!

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