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Genevieve Foster, accuracy & LCC

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I'm thinking about switching to this series as we enter early modern history. I'd use The World of Columbus and Sons, The World of Captain John Smith, The World of William Penn, George Washington's World, and Abraham Lincoln's World. Does anyone know of any criticism of her accuracy available online?


Has anyone doing LCC used these as one of their "small collection of carefully chosen masterworks"?

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i love these books.

i've almost completed my collection of them, actually.

the complaints that i've seen are the same as with the ambleside online books: they are 'outdated in language and viewpoints'.

there are also multiple religious viewpoints expressed, but that doesn't bother me.

they have to learn about the rest of the world's beliefs at some point.

it's not as pervasive as sonlight, which has much exposure to world religions in their curriculum.

nothing could be as 'outdated' in language as the greek and roman classics, imo.

and we are all using and loving them!

when is see a book described as 'outdated, i go out and buy it~

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