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Grinding wheatberries

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My KTECK mixer is fantastic. LOVE IT. My MIL bought it about 10 years ago, along with 90lbs of wheatberries, and gave it to me this year cause she no longer used it. However, when I grind the berries it is so loud, and it sends flour all over my kitchen. Tell me this is NOT normal. It is locked in okay. I'm wondering if I need another grinder!


What do you think?


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I have a K-Tec that is almost 10 years old. It is loud, and generally you'll have to spend more money for a quieter machine. I live with the loudness.


However, the flour thing doesn't make me happy. There are a few things I've learned that help. Always use the F-shaped filter things. Some grains are much messier for me, like barley. Wheat isn't as bad for me, so if you've only done wheat and it's awful, you might not want to try rye and barley. Make sure to use that cup thing that attaches at the bottom of the grinder part. And don't leave the grinder on when there's no grains going through. That's always the messiest time, so I make sure there are always grains in the hopper and that I turn it off immediately when it's done.


Sometimes I have ground outside if the grinder is feeling really messy. Other times I stick a box over the whole thing. It's not really convenient, but it's a lot neater.


I probably should call them up and ask about the flour mess. I always figured it was just me. Mine was a gift also, and I've been happy enough with it to not replace it.

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I have a Nutrimill. It's pretty loud, but it doesn't shoot flour everywhere.


That's what I have. I would recommend you grind in the garage or outside - weather permitting. I get my wheat berries through a local co-op. I would just ask around or email your HS support group - there's likely someone who knows where you can get them locally.

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