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Links to motivating, informative home-schooling essays/articles?

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Can any of you help me?


I'm interested in any articles or essays you may recommend. I'm looking for stuff about home-schooling that is motivating/inspiring in positive way. (Not about how bad other options are, but how/why home-schooling is good -- why it's worth all the work.)


I'd appreciate any links you could provide. Thanks!

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When my girls were very young (babies), my mother gave me a subscription to this magazine. I kept every issue. The magazine printed stories by and about unschooling families, and made natural living and learning sound easy and fun.


When my oldest daughter was old enough for school it just seemed natural to home school her. It would have seemed like a radical choice to put her in school. :001_smile: In the next years, whenever I would get nervous about what we were doing, I would read these issues and feel excited again.


The magazine has gone out of print but many issues are available on line at unschooling websites. It should be easy to google them.


Hope this helps.

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