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Stobaugh's Skills for Rhetoric and Jensen's Format Writing....

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We had Jensen's for a while because ds was supposed to use it in an outside class. I really disliked the method. It's been 2 years since I had the book and I couldn't find out how to search the old boards where I posted some info when we were trying to use the book, so I'm limited to my memory. What I remember was thinking that the example essays were juvenile sounding and imo poorly done. I disliked the particular formula being taught as well, which recommended not stating the thesis in the opening paragraph. I just like things more straightforward than that.


I know some people like it, though.

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Jensens' is dry as dust, to quote a different poster. At first I loved it, because the boring writing makes the structure easy to read. However, we ditched it before we got to the five paragraph essay. Based on what I heard Stobaugh say last spring, his approach would be very, very different. He's strongly opposed to format writing. (lower case--he meant format writing in general.)

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I was just looking at these both a few days ago. We have used Jensens - I got it when our co-op leaders (20 years of homeschooling) recommended it - said if completed, it would provided an excellent foundation. I am trying to remember if she suggested it prior to high school or not. But my memory is not that good. I used Stobaugh a bit in freshman year for one child. It is hefty, I think, lots of written work, but, again if I remember correctly when we used it, he didnt give a whole lot of HOW to do some of the work. I did read somewhere else where another mom said the same thing.


They are two very different approaches. One is methodical, the other is for, perhaps, someone already used to lots of writing (it is also IMHO, a freshman year type work, that seems to be where it would fit in best...)


I will probably end up using bits of both, since I have them. If you have a really specific question, (like you want to know a typical week or something) let me know, I will look at it and get back to you -



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