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Forgot to go to the children's symphony this morning - is there any way they...

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would let us use our tickets tomorrow? I realize that someone else might have the same seats, but would they let us sit in unpurchased seats, do you think? I did try to call them, but the number they have on their website gets me to a receptionist's voicemail, which says they will call me back during regular (M-F) business hours.


I can't believe we forgot. Well, I can, because we got the tickets before I got my 2009 calendar, so I didn't write it on there and so just didn't think about it. Sigh. I did make sure to put the next one on there!

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I'd go ahead and show up and hope for the best. If it's sold out, you'll be out of luck....and you definitely should be receptive to sitting whereever they can put you. It's really going to be up to their policy, but hopefully they'll see it was a simple mistake and be grateful to have the warm body in the seat! Typically children's shows are to encourage a love of the arts, so turning away a child because they arrived on the wrong date certainly wouldn't be encouraging.


The good news is that unlike something like the ballet or a play, it almost doesn't matter where you sit in a symphony....the music swells to fill the hall. I tend to close my eyes to better take in the music than to sit and stare at the head of the person in front of me anyway, lol.


You could also always play dumb....just walk in and hand them your tickets and if they point out you're there on the wrong day say "Oh my"......that isn't exactly a lie.....it's just "oh my!".


I hope you get to go and enjoy!

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would let us use our tickets tomorrow?


Well, if it's the cartoon character show, we went Saturday morning. And it looked sold out. Everyone enjoyed it.


My wife mentioned that it's somewhat difficult to exchange tickets even days before the show, so afterward might be a challenge.


And the show staff do check tickets for the show's date/time.


But, it's worth going if you can.

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