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Anyone else with a dd/ds taking the SAT today?

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I guess not.


I'll report on dd's reactions in case anyone is interested...


22 kids were assigned to her room. 21 kids showed, 3 shouldn't have been there and were sent to the office. Either they were unable to correctly alphabetize their name or couldn't remember a room number between the lobby and the social studies wing. The 4 missing test takers never showed.


The test was long...the chairs were uncomfortable...the room was next to the bathrooms and therefore noisy when any other test group was on break...it was also stuffy...and 4.5hours is a long time.


On the subject of the test itself, she said the essay question was way better than the one on the 2008-2009 practice test, she could actually make some good arguments.


She's hoping not to have to take it again.



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Oh my!!


My dd took 2 subject tests, there were 8 in her room - this is our first experience with SAT and this school (she took the PSAT in October at another school). Her proctor couldn't have been nicer - he reminded her of the teacher in "Emperor's Club" :) The school was a zoo - about 800 kids total but the rest were doing the Reasoning. I didn't think about the spring dates being more popular - I can't imagine how that will be!!


She came home and took a nap - something she NEVER does. Getting up at 6am is highly unusual for her :)

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