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Have you looked at the website?



Horizons Math K-6: A primary math composed of analytical reasoning, manipulatives (hands-on learning), memorization and drill. Every concept, from addition and subtraction to graphs and estimation, follows a deliberate pattern of introduction and gradual development to ensure student success. Fundamental concepts previously obtained in earlier units are reviewed in subsequent grade levels for true mastery. Every math concept follows a general pattern of gradual development in all seven grade levels. This is a spiral math approach and the manipulatives can be common household items if you wish. It is an incremental spiral program.

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They both use the spiral approach with a great deal of review. We tried Saxon 54 for a bit to get a break from Horizons and hopefully save money by not using workbooks, but we all prefered the Horizons in the end.


With my dd, Horizons had too much review those first few years and I literally crossed out half the book. My ds's have had to go a bit slower so all the review is good for them.


What's interesting, though, is my ds's have had a hard time learning "before" and "after" when having to write numbers. The workbooks have problems like: ___ 126 ___ and the student has to fill in the numbers that become before 126 and what comes after 126. They have no problem completing the problem quickly and accurately in the book, BUT if I were to ask them to write a specific number down and then write the number that comes before it or after it, they really struggle. They don't understand what I mean by "before" and "after".


Don't know if it's a downfall of doing workbooks, instead of writing problems out, or if my boys have some issues or if I've just done a poor job teaching them prepositions or what.


I'm also finding at the 3rd/4th grade levels that they don't explain things very well. I pretty much know how to teach them at that level, but sometimes a reminder helps or tricks or pointers and it's not there. I'm using a Heath Mathematics book to help with some of that and I love it.


Otherwise, I'm really happy with Horizons. Overall my kids do well with it and are learning. I like the review so they can further cement things in their minds. They like the colorful pages and the workbook format.

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We use Horizons Math and love it. My dd7 is finishing up grade 2 in a few weeks. I, too, have had to cross out *some* of the problems due to too much repetition. We use Singapore PM also. It seems that others have said Singapore math is more advanced than Horizons, but for whatever reason, my dd completes her Singapore assignments much faster than her Horizons.


I find Horizons to be much more varied in presentation of concepts than Singapore. We've only used Horizons Math K - 2nd so far, but I haven't found the teacher's manual necessary.



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We love Horizons. It is definitely different than Saxon. :) A very simple description is that it introduces a new concept and they do several of those problems and then it brings in various review problems of past concepts. There are times when I believe they don't offer enough practice for mastery. It is easy to tell......the kids get a glazed look doing math and it takes for ever to do a few problems. ;) The most noticeable place is in the third grade book during single digit multiplication.


I simply close the textbook for a few days and spend time practicing those concepts a different way.....calculadders, Math-It, dice and domino games. After several days, we simply open back up the book and go along with no problems.


I have absolutely no qualms endorsing Horizons. It has provided an excellent math foundation for all my children.

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