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Writing With Ease 4

Chris in VA

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I'm still thinking of homeschooling next year. Dd will be 9, in the fourth grade. In public school this year, she's had very little grammar, but more writing than we did at home the previous years. I don't think there's been much structure to the writing instruction, tho.

We will be using R&S grammar (3), but I'm thinking of adding in Writing with Ease. Is there a scope and sequence somewhere? Is there some sort of placement test or list of skills she should have?

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there are some online articles on this.

To get you started :








It was possible to see an article taken straight from the WWE Strong fundamentals book - but I can't seem to find it, perhaps someone else has it.

It gives you an overview of what your goal is in each level, and how to do it.

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I bought the book, and am very glad I did, because it has changed my approach to teaching writing for the better. The book is really more of a "how to" than a prepared curriculum for levels 3 and 4 (SWB may yet be coming up with workbooks for these levels). So you will need to provide your own selections from across your curriculum for narration and dictation.


I homeschooled for six years before I really put this approach into practice consistently ACROSS the curriculum. Fortunately, my oldest daughter is a natural born writer, so didn't need it, but my other kids are benefiting from it now.


I hope this helps somewhat.

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