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Sending a care package to China

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We have a friend teaching English in Wuhan -- want to send her a little bit of home. Those of you who know China, do you have ideas of things she would have trouble getting there?


She suggested Crystal Lite type items (because all she ever drinks is bottled water, and that will spice it up) and instant oatmeal.


I also thought we would send some specific US stuff that she could share with her students - movies, valentine candy, Easter stickers, etc.


Other thoughts?

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We had friends who worked there for a year, and we sent them packages about once a month. The things that seemed to go over the best were:

1. Seasonal treats (red hots, Easter candy, candy corn);

2. English books;

3. DVDs.


I highly recommend using one of the flat rate boxes available at the post office--it's much cheaper, and you can stuff a LOT in there. Just tape it well.



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but American friends of ours just got dried Cranberries, that made them happy. Choclate chips and jelly powder tend to do that too.

Otherwise couldn't you just ask again, tastes are so different. Maybe it's healthy stuff they can't get, rather than sweets,.... Movies are a nice idea, though we get lots of American films from China here, so she might have a lot of those.


Greetings from Tajikistan, a neighbouring country of China


P.S.: We just got some packages yesterday and it gets everybody super excited :hurray:

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