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First graders, what are you using?


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I'm still working on our lineup for next year and curious about what has worked for others for first grade. So far I have committed to the following:


First Language lessons

STOW volume 1 with the activity book

Saxon Math 1


I still need to figure out the following-






something physical (dance, gymnastics, ice skating, etc)



I'm just curious about what other first graders are doing....

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I'm not a veteran - I'll be a beginning HSer this fall with my own first-grader, but I'm planning (so far) on using:


First Language lessons - ditto

SOTW volume 1 with the activity book - ditto


Math-U-See Alpha


Handwriting - HWT, redoing kindergarten to begin with and then slowly working toward first grade. He's got fine motor skills issues


Spelling - Spelling Workout A - the games will keep his interest, and he does like to spell


Science - No concrete plans now but I'm seriously looking into R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey - life science I. I'm also contemplating Noeo - any thoughts one way or the other from veterans?


Art - I'm going to find some area programs for this since I can't draw to save my life; other than that, we'll do lots of coloring and he loves to do "projects." Our parks department is very active and there is a museum locally that offers courses.


Music - he wants guitar lessons and we can study the works of the masters in the car taking DD to private PK daily


Other than that, we're going to do plenty of reading and he wants to join Boy Scouts. I imagine all of this will keep us busy and then some!

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Mt 1st grade dd will be doing the following:


MFW Adventures (with big sis, 3rd; covers Bible, history, science, art, music)

Veritas First Favorites

Horizons Phonics K (last 2 books out of 4 total)

Horizons Math 1

A Reason for Handwriting Book A




We won't start Spelling until 2nd.


Good Luck in your quest:)

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I'm still working on our lineup for next year and curious about what has worked for others for first grade. So far I have committed to the following:


First Language lessons

STOW volume 1 with the activity book

Saxon Math 1


I still need to figure out the following-






something physical (dance, gymnastics, ice skating, etc)



I'm just curious about what other first graders are doing....


Here's what my first grader is using now...

R&S 1 Math


Zaner-Bloser handwriting

OPGTR/PP (for variety)

ETC-2 1/2

Harp and Laurel Wreath Poetry memorization

MFW History RtR and science

BF geography (with older sibs)

Themes to Remember Vol 1

Childrens Book of Art- more of art study

She likes to draw, but we don't do a formal art..yet!

Logic Countdown

We use Simply Spelling which doesn't start till 3rd


Looks like a lot, but makes for about a 2 hour school day of seat work and the rest is done together informally

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We're also doing First Language Lessons, Saxon 1 Math, and Story of the World (although we're doing volume 3 along with an older sibling).


For the rest, we're using:

Reason for Handwriting

Reason for Spelling

WTM chemistry recommendation with older sibling

Piano lessons for music

I had big plans for Drawing with Children lessons, but have given up

Gymnastics once a week

We finished up Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and are now touching on more difficult phonograms while she reads progressively harder books out loud to me.


We also do various memory work, including religious pieces, as well as additional poems besides what's in First Language Lessons. We also have a readaloud book at least twice a week, which tends to be audio books we listen to in the car while we drive to lessons and classes.


Erica in OR

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My daughter will be in grade 1 next year and my plan is:


Language Arts:

Grammar - FLL 1/2

Spelling - AAS

Reading - complete ABeCeDarian B2 (+ Primary Phonics workbooks and storybooks)

Writing - WWE 1

I am not going to have my DD complete a "formal" handwriting program next year. My daughter completed the K and 1 HWT workbooks last year. She does copywork and I think this is sufficient.



SOTW 1 and AG (incorporating a timeline with HTTA images)



Saxon 1 (We have used both Rightstart and Saxon. I prefer Rightstart but already own Saxon 1 so I think I will continue with Saxon and same some money.)



maybe my own curriculum, maybe R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey (Life Science)



weekly art classes with a local artist



piano lessons (continuing with MYC)


Physical Education:

skating and swimming lessons



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CCD: Maybe at church, I haven't decided yet.

Music: Piano Lessons

P.E.: Hip Hop or Acro (he hasn't decided yet.)

Extra: Boy Scouts


Math: RightStart B

Handwriting: HWT cursive

Phonics: ABeCeDarian

Writing: WWE

Science: BFSU


Art: No idea yet

History: No idea yet.

Geography: No idea yet.


Seems like a lot to me, maybe some things should go.

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Next year will be my 1st year completely "alone" ie without a charter school's help. I have homeschooled for 5 years though. Here is what we have planned so far for next year.


Saxon 2


LLATL or FLL (haven't decided yet)




SOTW for history


unit studies and lapbooks for science...I will do this myself.


No spelling yet, he will be still learning to read:)


Spanish...haven't decided yet if I am going to buy something or use free rosetta stone (through the military)


gymnastics and everyday play for PE


probably no formal music yet but piano eventually


The Children's Book of Art -- Usborne. We will take a LONG time to go through this. We'll stop and study different artist once a week.

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Math: Almost ready to move on to Horizons 2, supplemented with Singapore, was going to supplement with Miquon but didn't

Spelling, Phonics: TATRAS w/SWR Flash Cards

History: TOG

Literature: TOG

Reading: Antique readers

Writing & Grammar: TOG and grammar/copywork worksheets made from antique readers. StartWrite for handwriting practice.

Science: my bane :glare: Singapore Science (it was cheap), various unit studies and kits.

Activity: Wii Fit for now, soccer or t-ball in spring. AWANA. Co-op, where he will study art, geography, have a math games class, and a lego building class. And we have a Tapestry co-op.

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I have a first grader right now. He's doing:


Math U See Alpha and some extra math enrichment (he's very mathy)

Phonics - OPG, happy phonics games, various books he reads

SOTW with AG and lots of extra books

Science - delight driven (he loves it) lots of science books and videos and coop stuff

Reason for handwriting

WWE level 1 for narration and copywork


Picture study and Composer Study

Read alouds - various chapter books and picture books


I don't do spelling or grammar for first grade.

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For science we are loving Shoot & Sprout, Buzz & Bite (1st-4th).


I love the God's Design book included in this program and intend to use the rest of them in the future.


I also love The Complete Book of Animals.


The World Around Me (PK-2nd) gets rave reviews as well. There is quite a bit of nature study in this one.


Handwriting is Getty-Dubay Italic from Sonlight.


Spelling... Are you totally done with Phonics then? I am using HTTS in my sig, and highly recommend All About Spelling, which is also an Orton-Gillingham based spelling. It is easier to implement, but a bit pricey, especially considering that you may need more than one level per year.


Art... http://www.artisticpursuits.com/ak-3.htm#k-3%20a I have seen great reviews of this one. I wish we could fit it in. In addition, I have been told that book one goes great with SOTW 1.


Music: Introduction to Classical Music from MFW

Classical music comes alive for children as they participate in 15 different activities while listening to a sampling of musical selections.


Introduction to the Orchestra from MFW


We do The Masala Bhangra Workout: Vol. 5 together for exercise.

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Here is what we did last year for first grade:



Started out with Saxon 1 but switched to Right Start Level B


Language Arts:

Growing With Grammar 1

Started out with Spelling Workout A but switched to All About Spelling

Didn't complete a phonics program...was reading at a high level



Started out with Christian Kids Explore Biology but dropped it. Too boring.

Did nature study and dug deeper into what interested us. Would have done NOEO Biology 1 if I could have afforded it. (We are doing it this year.)



SOTW w/ AG-Ancients



Artistic Pursuits Bk. 1...did not do this as often as I would have liked.



AWANA, Biology Club at local park, Book club with friends, LOTS of time out in nature.


First grade will look different for my youngest son next year:



Right Start Level B to C


Language Arts:

Sing, Spell, Read, Write Level 1-2

Happy Phonics games for extra practice and fun

Growing with Grammar 1

some sort of handwriting program (maybe)



Lots of lapbooks and notebooking as we explore whatever interests us.






AWANA, various classes at our charter school (PE, drawing, science, music appreciation), LOTS of time out in nature

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For my K/1 dd, we're currently using:


LLATL Blue and WP Adv. K for LA


R&S Math 1 and Scott Foresman Exploring Math 1 when she gets stuck or just needs color. We do half a R&S lesson per day.


SL Cores 1&2- I have the old versions (1998-9) of these, so I put all the books in chronological order, eliminated the ones that didn't appeal to us and added in some books I had on hand. Now I have a checklist of books, but no daily schedule to drive me nuts.


For science, we do a weekly outside class that uses A Reason for Science A. It's great, but a lot of work to do on your own and it does sometimes assume at least a few kids working together. We also do monthly museum classes at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The kids love Nova, Nature and David Attenborough and we watch a lot of science videos. We're a sciency family so I'm going to add in a nice FREE curriculum that was posted here and looks like fun:




Dd also attends a weekly hs coop, Kindermusik Young Child (this is awesome and I'd highly recommend it if you can possibly do it), ballet, Tae Kwon Do and an outside Spanish class. We're busy, but she also has lots of time to play.


We spend about 45 minutes a day on table time and a half an hour on our SL Core.

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We will be using (as a continuation of this year & next year)

AlAbacus A and games


If not done with ETC 8 (we are on 4 now) we'll finish.

Readers and read-alouds to follow history

Modified Foundations (filling in with Living Memory)

IEW's poetry memoization

Carmenda for music

I'm going to check out Logos' science and we might do that in co-op

Art- artistic pursuits

Physical-I'd love to get Miss Muffet in dance or gymnastics. Otherwise the trampoline :)

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Here is what we are using this year:


Math Singapore 1A/1B along with Math Mammoth 1A/1B


Spelling/Phonics SWR


Writing/Grammar WWE with the workbook and FLL 1/2


History/Geography SOTW 1 w/ AG and map drills of the continents, oceans, and

countries in N. America


Science BFSU combined with lots of living books and nature study


Art Artistic Pursuits


Music Tin Whistle and composer study


Reading Read alouds and chapter books


Memorization A few selections from each subject


Physical Activity Homeschool PE and playing in the backyard

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This year we are using-


First Language lesson

Writing with Ease 1

SOTW vol. 1

Math-U-See alpha ( I did bring out my old Saxon but just couldn't stomach doing it again. :lol:)

Handwriting without Tears ( on non copywork days)

ABeCeDarian ( spelling is incorporated with phonics)

Nature Study- using Barb's Outdoor Challenges

Science experiments- kit we bought that was appropriate for 6yo.....future first grader I'll probably use BFSU

Artistic Pursuits book 1- a favorite!

Music- we picked a composer of a quarter

physical-I logged his exercise on the Presidents Fitness Challenge

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Plans for next year -


Finish up OPG

First Language Lessons

Spelling Workout

Writing with Ease

RightStart Math

The Easy French Junior

Story of the World 1

Science a la WTM

Fine arts stuff - misc. art projects, God made Music, artists/composer study - Ambleside

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Here is what my 1st grade dd is using this year:


Math - Saxon 1, she'll move into Saxon 2 in 3 weeks

Grammar - Growing with Grammar 1 (she loves this!)

Writing - Writing with Ease 1, the copywork in this program counts as her handwriting practice. She has very nice handwriting (when she wants to :)), and we don't use a separate HW program.

Reading - She is a strong reader. She reads to me everyday from a children's Bible, her catechism, and some other book that usually relates to science or history.

Spelling - AAS 2 (she'll complete this in 2 weeks). Dictation from this also counts as HW practice.

History - SOTW 1 and AG

Science - animal lapbooks from www.homeschoolshare.com. She loves cutting, pasting, and writing, so these have been great for her. If my next kids aren't into this type thing, I think I would use R.E.A.L. science.

Poetry - memorizing poems from "The Harp and the Laurel Wreath"

Art - Drawing with children

Music - piana lessons with dad from Bastien Piano Basics

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Well for my 1st grader, this is what I am looking at:


Little Angels Phonics (finish B,C and D)

FLL (maybe adding WWE)

All About Spelling

Abeka Math 1

Faith and Life 1

Apologia YE Zoology 1 (with her older sisters)

Sonlight Core 1 (with her older sister) or some other unit study approach

Ballet, gymnastics and YMCA homeschool PE, alternating


AAS and Sonlight will be new for us next year, but the rest is pretty much what I have done before.

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This year my first grader is using:


ETC 2-4

HWT My Printing Book


Pathway readers and many more for reading

Let's Read and Find Out books for science

My First Map Book (Canadian map skills)

Music for Little Mozarts (piano)

various sources for art/crafts

Horizons 1 math

keeping a journal once a week

Studying God's Word B

lots of read-alouds


I hope I remembered everything.

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Here's our tentative first grade plan:


Bible Storybook


Literature-Aesop's Fables, HC Anderson's Fairy Tales, A Child's Garden of Verse, MP Osborne's Favorite Greek Myths and Tales From Odyssey


History includes Child's History of the World, Boys and Girls of Colonial Days, Growing up Where Jesus Lived and many picture books


Nature Study/Science-various google readers including All Around the Year (volumes for Autumn, Winter and Spring)+a botany and insect focus


Italics B and C (We're in B right now)


Song School Latin

French songs

Singapore 1B with R&S grade 1


My own notebook of language lessons with picture study, poetry, narration, into. to grammar and comp. ( I can't find the right book for her so I am making my own)


piano lessons and composer study

art with older sister+other crafts


Hannah's Aesop copybook


Forgot spelling-spelling for writing Level 1

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My 1st grader is using:





Singapore and RS Math

SL readers

SL Core 1

Science is informal- we have WP AW and she is a strong reader so she reads a lot of those books on her own, we do some nature study, we have an ant farm and a butterfly garden, we're growing some plants, and we watch SL science dvds, Bill Nye, and Magic School bus.

Art is informal- we have a Maryann Kohl book for ideas but mostly we put out varied materials and let them explore.


I think it varies pretty widely at this age, so much depends on if they're reading well yet or not (I personally would not be doing spelling if my dd was still working on phonics, for example). Getting the three Rs down is more important than how much history or science you do, imo.

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SWR for spelling, reading intstruction

Cursive First and various copywork for handwriting


AOyr 1 for literature and history


Apologia Astronomy for science (plus whatever he wants to check out at the library -he's insatiable - so I will be going slow through Apologia to allow him plenty of delight-driven time in astronomy or other other topics)


Singapore and Miquon for math


Greenleaf Guide to the Old Testament for Bible/history


Music lessons by me and climbing trees for PE:tongue_smilie:


I Can Do All Things for art - AO for picture study.


I am considering adding....Writing With Ease, Song School Latin, and Spanish.

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I'm still working on our lineup for next year and curious about what has worked for others for first grade. So far I have committed to the following:


First Language lessons

STOW volume 1 with the activity book

Saxon Math 1


I still need to figure out the following-






something physical (dance, gymnastics, ice skating, etc)



I'm just curious about what other first graders are doing....


We are doing first grade next year, but I've bought all our core subjects already - the only thing up in the air is whether Ariel will go to an enrichment school 1 day a week or do Spanish and art at home with drama and PE elsewhere.


Our lineup:


Galloping the Globe for geography

Five in a Row for science, social studies, literature and art

Right Start level B for math

Writing with Ease 1 for writing and penmanship

All About Spelling 1 for spelling

ABeCeDarian B/C for reading

Kinderbach - piano/keyboard

either swimming, dance or gymnastics for "extra" PE (probably some combination of all 3, done consecutively) - I like to have her do something physical at least twice a week, but I don't want her locked into one sport all the time either, so she can build different muscles and skills.


If we don't do the enrichment school, we will likely use Artistic Pursuits and La Clase Divertida, since she is enjoying the first level of LCD this year.


It looks like a lot, but we school year round, and we don't plan to do every subject every day. RS, ABCD, WWE and FIAR will be every day, but the others will be 2-3 times a week.

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Current first grader:



Writing With Ease 1-- doubles as handwriting practice


finished with phonics-- reads aloud independently about 10-15 minutes and silently 15-30 minutes

SOTW1 with AG

Singapore 1B

Artistic Pursuits k-3 book 1 alternating with picture study selections of my own

Ambleside composer studies and folk songs

We are unschooling science and doing some nature study, too. Have not started nature notebooks yet.


For extras he does scouts, soccer, swimming, t-ball, at various times of the year.

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Explode the Code almost daily

Happy Phonics (informally but often)

Sonlight Grade 1 Readers

Handwriting Without Tears

Singapore 1B (main math now)

MathUSee Alpha (started the year with this but have scaled back since adding Singapore - I do plan to have him finish it, not in a hurry)

Sonlight Science K, nature walks, lots of science videos, library books and sitting in on older brother's Chemistry experiments

Sonlight Core 2 with some books from Core K

Story of the World, Vol. 2

Egermeier's Bible Story Book

Bible memorization from children's ministry at our church

various Kumon workbooks

BraveWriter writing assignments, adapted for his age - he tells me what to write and I type it out - we've just started this recently.

He's learning Greek with his older brother, sitting in on lessons - has learned the alphabet song, the sounds of the letters, and can write the letters - he's going to start Song School Greek as soon as it's ready for purchase (about five weeks)

I Can Do All things Art Video Course - when he wants to, not school

books from Ambleside Online Yr. 1 & 2 - not our main curriculum but we have all the books and read them at our own pace


homeschool p.e.



I'm going to do FLL and Writing With Ease 1 with him but it may be 2nd grade before we start. His day is full now and I want him to develop more confidence with his reading before we start.


I think that's all.

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I like to use 1st grade to focus on Reading Fundamentals. This is my line up for next year.


Language Lessons for Little Ones v.2

Plaid Phonics A (If I feel LL doesn't cover phonics well enough.)



Saxon Math 1



Kingfisher First Animal Encyclopedia


This year is really the first year we've done History as a main subject. So when my older two were in first grade we really didn't do much for History.

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Spelling: SWR

Grammar: Shurley Grammar


Latin: Song School Latin then on to Minimus


Maths: MUS, RS and mathletics


History: SOTW if I can ever get around to doing this (whenever I want to, I don't seem to have the right materials in the house!)


Science: RS4k and Noeo



And the ones I outsource:


Arts: 'afterschool' drama, dance and pottery lessons, to Grandma's for art


Sport: 'afterschool' tennis, swimming, gymnastics


+ occupational therapy for dyspraxia

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doing it for the second time this year.....




OPGTTR(After finishing 100EL in K)

Horizons Math

First Language Lessons(but this year my dd is doing a workbook instead and likes it better)

Easy Classical Science schedule

Sonlight Core 1 (but I think SOTW is just perfect too)



my first grader this year is also doing Prima Latina and piano lessons and doing just fine with both.

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I love reading everyone's plans ... it is so fun to see what other people are going to be doing (or have already done:)).


So far this is what we are planning (but to be fair, I change my mind about every other day;)):


Math: Saxon 2


Reading Instruction: Finish OPG, using ETC as supplement


Grammar: FLL


Writing: WWE


Spelling: none ... I feel he will be getting enough practice with ETC and WWE


Science: God's Design for Life ... all 3 books


History: Beautiful Feel Early American History (Primary Ages)


Religion: Voyages 1st Grade


Art: Come Look With Me art series ... we'll try to do one painting a week, using about 3 or 4 books for the year. Also, "I Can Draw ..." books put out by Usborne. And, we will do some fun, messy, hands-on projects.


Music: Classical Kids series, our library has them all, along with books and DVDs that go along with each one. He also plays around on a keyboard and a guitar, but nothing formal yet.


Plus, we keep the kids involved in church activities and an assortment of phyical activities, like soccer, t-ball, karate, and tap dance (but only 1 activity at a time).


WHEW ... next year looks full already :tongue_smilie:.

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I used MFW 1st grade w/ my DD as written. We really enjoyed our year and it helped her get over the hump in reading.


I started using R&S 1st grade reading, phonics and math with my DS. We are switching back to MFW 1st for reading,phonics and bible, but are going to continue with R&S for math.


My son also does some of our work w/ MFW Adventures for History and Science.

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I'm still working on our lineup for next year and curious about what has worked for others for first grade. So far I have committed to the following:


First Language lessons

STOW volume 1 with the activity book

Saxon Math 1


I still need to figure out the following-






something physical (dance, gymnastics, ice skating, etc)



I'm just curious about what other first graders are doing....


This year, for my 1st grader, I'm using


OPG, combined with PP


reading CHOW for history with no supplements or activities (waiting until youngest is in 1st to do STOW with both dc)

One Small Square books for science

Katie and the.... books for art

nothing really for music this year

no spelling

plan to use FLL, but haven't started it yet because she's not yet reading well

Singapore Math

a world geography study that I've put together on my own

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I was very disappointed with Calvert first grade so we've been supplementing a lot...


Horizons 1, book 1 done--Calvert math 1--then onto Horizons book2

MUS Beta just started


Calvert reading, spelling, geography and science (Calvert 1st grade Science is really BORING, so I just pick out important concepts and use them for copywork)


ETC 3,4, and soon onto 5


ABeka Language 1 (almost no writing or LA work in Calvert so far :confused:)


Seton Handwriting


Piano when the teachers in town


2 coops for lots of supplementary stuff (as an attempt to figure out what will work for next year with an older dd starting high school )


I'm making due with Calvert. If it weren't for the money I'd spent, I'd like to dump it and start over.:001_smile:

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My current first grader is doing:


Bible: Children's devotional books with animal themes

Five in a Row

Time4Learning - math and language arts

Italic handwriting


My second grader did something very similar last year.


My oldest had a different kind of first grade. She did.

Egermeier's Bible Story Book

Beautiful Feet Early American History

Sonlight Science K

Happy Phonics


Italic Handwriting

Miquon Math





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My little darling (5 yo) works at a mix of levels. His reading ability is beyond his comprehension ability so we keep around books that are written at a first grade understanding level but not necessarily a "typical" first grade reading level. Does that make sense?


Math (1): Math in My World (a first grade book but we are moving really slowly)

Handwriting (K): HWT Letters and Numbers for Me

History (1): SotW Vol. I (one section a day, three days a week)

Science (K/1): Burgess Bird Book & Burgess Animal Book (sometimes we read it and sometimes he listens to the mp3) and he watches experiments we do with big brother (9 yo)

Reading (1/2): McGuffey's Eclectic Primer and Second Reader (and whatever else catches his fancy)

Religion: He gets that at church

Spelling: We haven't started that yet. We're waiting until he gets more comfortable with handwriting.

Art: We do little things from time to time.

Music: Classical is almost always playing in the background during school unless dh turns on the news when he's done teaching our youngest.


Did I miss anything? We pulled the boys in December from the local charter school and he was enrolled as a Kindergartener and going into a first grade room for reading.



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Oak Meadow 1, supplemented with:


Houghton Mifflin Spelling & Vocabulary - Phonics in Action (really nice workbook)


HWOT - Printing




English From the Roots Up with brother


Saxon Math 1 (second half, instead of Oak Meadow math)


SOTW 2/3 with brother


Science unit studies (home-made) with brother


Art & music appreciation - we'll just choose a composer and an artist every month


You can see everything here

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DS is using:





Apologia Astronomy (with his older brother)

Journal writing (his favorite part of the day)

Singapore 1B


We are not doing a formal handwriting program. DS has the most beautiful penmanship I have ever seen in a child his age. He writes in his journal every day.


He's also taking guitar lessons from his dad and plays soccer at the Y.

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What we are doing for 1st (2nd child):


Singapore math to teach and reinforce

Rod and Staff Math 1 to practice facts and concepts


Rod and Staff Reading 1

SWR inspired Phonogram and rules lapbook


Lapbooks from homeschool share. I let her pick a topic and we spread it out over 2 weeks. We've worked on a variety of things from American Girl history lapbooks to animals to literature books. Most of these include some geography/mapwork.:001_smile:

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Nothing is set in stone, but here's what we have so far:


Spelling: McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book & dictionaries we own

Memorization: from FLL, McGuffey readers, “Poems Every Child Should Know”, AO poetry, etc.

Grammar: FLL

Writing & Penmanship: probably WWE 1 (with Educational Fontware cursive font), or other copywork...

Math: Saxon and Singapore

Reading/Oration: McGuffey Second Eclectic Reader.

Literature/Read Alouds: Undecided-- probably from AO.

Bedtime stories: Andrew Lang's Fairy books, 1 per month.

Art: Undecided-- probably Artistic Pursuits OR Discovering Great Artists OR Drawing with Children

History: SOTW 1 & AG

Science: Undecided. Definitely Burgess Bird Book for Children (ds LOVES birds). NOEO? R.E.A.L. Science? WTM method? Nature readers? Exploration with microscope and slides/ nature walks? Hmmm...:confused:

Geography: Undecided

For. Lang: Norwegian stories (informal--read by father at night); Latin (possibly...)

Music: Piano lessons & Themes to Remember, and folksongs sung at the piano...

Health (req.): Horizons Health 1

Poetry: AO

American History: AO (D'Aulaire books)

Relgion Studies: Vos' Child's Story Bible

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