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O.K. planning 11th and 12th grade for DS.....What are your FAVS for teaching essay writing......


We are presently working through Wordsmith Craftsman....And I like that step by step approach....This is one area that I need extra help in.....Can write them myself....but having trouble giving instruction......This is for my concrete learner.....my math guy.....


We have been writing essays this year with TOG....About one a week.....but the style is just not there.....So that is why we are using Wordsmith Craftsman this spring.....


Here are some ideas that I have thought of for next year....


Upper levels of Writing Strands....

The Lively Art of Writing.....

Write Shop......


Any more......Or comments on these......


Would love to enroll ds in a dual enrollment course for 12th(Writing Comp class....) Trying to prepare him for that.





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The one resource I've liked the best is Jensen's Format Writing. We've used: IEW, Wordsmith Craftsman (2nd choice), Writing Strands, Write Shop, Put that In Writing, and I can't remember all the others. But the one that I feel allows the student to develop his own "art" of writing within a dictated framework is Jensen's. Wordsmith Craftsman is a close second, but Jensen's is more straightforward without the fluff. I did not like Write Shop or IEW although many people swear by those programs.


I think the experience writing, writing, writing, editing, editing, and more editing, is what really teaches the student to write well. But, for some reason, my boys think that editing is a punishment - once they get over that idea, they tend to write better.

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I am planning to talk to the Write at Home people at our homeschool convention in June. I looked at their website and I saw that they have essay writing workshops. Some on this board have had good things to say about Write at Home, but I have no personal experience. You may want to check out their website.

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I SO can relate to what you said about editing....For WEEKS now, every Wednesday or Thursday we sit down to edit and the question is ALWAYS the same....."I have to write this AGAIN???" As if something is going to change from last week. My kids just crack me up sometime.....


Thanks for the information on Jensen's Format Writing. We have used IEW too, and it just is not our favorite either. There is even an IEW writing class in our area, but it costs over $400 for the year.....However, with Fed/Ex budget cuts.....that just WON'T be possible this year.....


But Jensen's Format writing looks great and fits the 'ol Dave Ramsey budget too!! WooHoo! (Can anyone here relate????)


I also have a good friend who was an English Major at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta.....Many moons ago.....Think I might ask her to read some of ds's essays.....Her weakness is chocolate.....:001_smile:


Thanks bunches!



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