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x-post - Can someone compare the content/depth/etc. of

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BJU Earth& Space Science and BJU Physical Science with

Apologia Physical Science.


I feel like eventually (assuming we carry on) we will move into BJU DVDs for high school science. I am trying to decide when to do that. Seems like Apologia physical covers earth & space within their physical. An entire year of Earth and Space sounds like a LOT, but I have also heard this is a good course. The $$$ of going the BJU route now is a bit intimidating. But, then I worry about how could Apologia cover as much in its one-year physical science book as BJU covers in its two-year earth/space and physical science sequence.


You know, I just don't like picking science curriculum.


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I can give a small perspective but not the whole picture...



I used to have the BJU Earth Science book (older) and I observed that it had smaller print and seemed fairly detailed. (not easy) It had a lot of information and I would say it was definitely a High school level course. My d. is finishing an Earth Science course using a different book that I would say is similar (but secular) It's through Indiana Univ. HS. We're not talking Rocket Science here, but you have to memorize a lot of definitions about space, earth, landforms, soils, rocks, minerals, volcanos, weather , and earthquakes. You have to draw diagrams explaining erosion, glaciation, etc, so it's not really spoon feeding. .


She did the Apologia Physical Science last year (with Potters school), I would say the book is not as rigorous, because it is an 8th grade text. There are a lot of beautiful pictures, more chatting and not nearly as many terms to memorize, as say the earth science has. There's some space and planets, not a lot, and they do simple math for density, etc. I would say they also have weather and low key chemistry/physics.. (don't have the book anymore but they have T of C on the website)

This book doesn't seem super difficult-they have the study guides which are similar to the tests.


Now she's also doing a High school level Physical Science (secular) using Conceptual Physical Science (Hewit) and she is having some trouble with the text because it is so much harder than the Apologia course even though you would say it should be review. I might venture that there is more in common with an actual chemistry-physics courses that are now taught in the High schools that are considered "basic" and not "honors". You have to try to understand what's going on with electrons, fission, fusion, bonding, etc. (she's just starting. I find myself getting out a different chemistry book, because Hewit is chatty and not always to the point. She has to do the answers from the section review, and it requires either "googling" or extra research because the book isn't always that helpful. My dd doesn't like the book much, it is a lot harder than the Apologia. I want her to "get" chemistry. I am looking at moving into BJU chemistry next ( I'm reading the text and I like it) I also supplement with "Chemistry Made simple" which was recommended here. In summary, I would say the 8th grad Phy. Science is fine for pre high school ; the questions are fairly easy to answer if you study. If you went directly into a difficult chemistry/physics, I would say you might have some gaps. (not that I'm the expert you understand) Hope this helps!

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If I am "hearing" you correctly, you do not think that Apologia Physical prepared her for a repeat of another physical science course that she is doing right now b/c of gaps. This really makes me think we need to switch next year to BJU and just do the whole year of Space & Earth and another whole year of BJU's physical science which I am gathering is more demanding.


I appreciate your insights and experience.

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