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Talent Search questions

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If he's not a big writer, I'd start with the ACT. Both the SAT and the ACT have writing sections, but on the ACT it's optional. I've known younger kids to sit out the writing on the SAT, but it's the first test they do, and sitting it out literally means sitting there while everyone else writes... Not exactly like just not doing it... kwim?


Other than that there are some stylistic differences, but nothing too major in terms of content. ACT has a science subtest which is reasoning more than facts (basically it's critical reading of charts and graphs and short paragraphs of science information), which DS enjoys. And the ACT is a tiny bit shorter overall (something like 4 hours instead of 5).


One other thing to look into is the reporting. I'm a complete geek for data, so this one is more important to me than it might be to anyone else (LOL) but both the ACT and the SAT offer full reports with the exact questions and answers your kid had, so you know what exactly was missed. Not every test date has that offer though, and I don't know if going through a talent search would complicate things. Just one more thing to throw into the decision mix! :)

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