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Best science for science-hating kid?

Michelle T

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My DS is 12.5. He does not like science, has a very hard time in understanding scientific concepts, and forgets what he reads almost instantly.


He hates hands-on activities, due to fine motor deficits.


I've muddled through a variety of choices, none of which have been great.


What non-religious science program would you recommend for a child who really doesn't enjoy science, doesn't easily understand it, and doesn't want much hands-on activity?

Michelle T

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1. outsource -- send him to a local school for science class


2. outsource -- send him to a weekly homeschool science co-op


3. outsource -- hire a tutor/teacher for 1-2 times a week exposure to science, watch an older episode of the PBS show NOVA (or Nature, or Mythbusters, or How Things Work, or some other science-based program) once a week, and call it good; science programs often give a good context for the science concepts making them easier to understand, and DVDs and videos are helpful options for visual/auditory learners or for those with LDs.


4. at home -- but go with a simple overview book (not so much to intake/remember) and videos of experiments (in place of hands on)



Book Suggestion:

The Reader's Digest "How ... Works" series are books on an overarching science subject (earth science; life science; physical science; or astronomy), and laid out as a series of 2-page spreads on single topics on that overall science subject. You could read two 2-page spreads per week, and complete a book a year. Not overwhelming at all. If anything strikes his interest, then have him do a little digging/research; if not move on to the next 2-page spread.



Video Suggestion:

Schlessinger Media Science Library = http://www.libraryvideo.com/ssl/default.asp?mscssid=FMC2XFNJAN7S9PVL8FP2VR9HPMAG9GT3


Each of the following gr. 5-8 collections has six to sixteen 23-minute long episodes:

- Weather Fundamentals

- Space Science in Action

- Animal Life In Action

- Physical Science In Action

- Plant Life In Action

- Science as Inquiry in Action

- Earth Science in Action

- Energy in Action

- Simple Organisms in Action

- Biomes of the World In Action

- Human Body In Action



BEST of luck! Warmly, Lori D.

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I would suggest Singapore Science. I don't have direct experience with that age level but I have used the earlybird version and I loved it. It covers a lot without being overwhelming and was not too have with the experiments. It is also relatively inexpensive. You can get it from Rainbow Resource where you can also view samples.

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