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What do I do with a brick of beeswax?

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Polish wood, make lip gloss, wax thread so it is easier to go through a needle, make hand salve,


Unstick a drawer. A thin coat of beeswax on wooden rails makes the wood drawers on Granny's old bureau slide smoothly. It does windows, too. Use wax to lubricate sashes,

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Pysanky! Or, Ukranian Easter eggs.


Beeswax is the best for these. It goes on smoothly and sticks well.


You start by covering the part of the egg that you want to stay white with the wax, using a small instrument called kitska. Then you dye the egg the next darkest color--often yellow. You cover the parts that you want to have stay yellow and move up to the next colors--maybe red, green, black.


At the end, you heat up the whole egg and wipe off the wax with paper towels. Stunning!

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Thanks, all; the suggestions are great. About the pysanky eggs (which I mean to try each Lent, then I promptly forget... this is my golden opportunity, isn't it?!) - where do you buy the kitska? Do you purchase a particular type of dye?


I'm supposed to go to work now, but I really want to google pysanky, candle making, and lip gloss instead!

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