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If you knew you were going to have a day at home, how would you use it productively?

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Ds is having several teeth extracted on Friday morning. We are doing no school that day. It's odd, b/c when he gets sick (which is rare anyway), it's unexpected. This is like an anticipated sick day. I think he will be fine, so I will pretty much be piddling around the house all day. However, I don't want to sloth about ALL day. So, how would you best use a free day?


ETA: But, I don't want to LEAVE the house in case he needs me. I think this was understood, but maybe not! So, I will be home ALL day once we get back from the oral surgeon's.

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If I'm alone, I bag up Goodwill stuff hubby has dragged home and which he will NEVER miss. If I'm under watchful eyes, I cook meals ahead, while sticking a long series of art supplies in front of kiddo and dream about stuffing Goodwill stuff into bags.Then I invent a "field trip" for the boys ("I need some pond scum for homeschool science"), pack them off with sandwiches and THEN bag up Goodwill stuff and rush it off to a store he has hit recently and is not likely to visit again soon.


This is only a mild exaggeration.

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