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Where can I get PreK monthly units??

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I want to intergrate into our curriculum some units...


-health and safety

-5 senses


-Children of the world



For my PreK's...While I know what I want to cover...I have NO idea where to look for actual units...we want something fun ,hands on...I'm not a very creative type so I can't just wing it...are there consumables out there I just don't know about that would cover these subject's???? uugghh I'm getting flustered just thinking about it....Or is this some thing that I would truly have to come up with on my own??

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Have you tried CurrClick? You can search by Preschool for age, and Unit Studies for subject. I have liked the items I've gotten from this site so far.


I have found that my little ones love to do lapbooks. Lots of coloring, cutting, pasting ... I really like www.homeschoolshare.com. They have their unit studies separated by age, and lots of templates for lapbooking.


:001_smile: HTH,

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