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Which Latin program to use next


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I seem to be having the same problem I have seen others post about on here. We are using Song School Latin at the moment with DD6 and DS7. We are about half way through and the kids love Latin. I plan on moving on to Minimus afterwards for a bit of fun. Minimus has only 8 lessons, which I didn't realize when I bought it, so I guess this will only take us about 2 months. It too looks like some fun for the kids. My aim for Song School latin and Minimus was to introduce Latin in a fun way so that they had a positive experience with Latin.


My daughter will be nearly 7 and my son 8.5 when I expect to finish up with Minimus. Both are already reading well in English. DD is strong in LA. DS does not struggle with the mechanics of language (grammar, spelling, reading) but not so strong with creative LA. I'm not sure where I should go next.


I had planned to move on to LFC at some point (being secular is a big plus here). However, I have doubts that it will be suitable at that age. I have been reading other posts on a similar vein and wondering if we should maybe do Prima Latina or Lively Latin after Minimus. I know Prima Latina is marketed at this age group, but from what I've heard it is extensively based on the bible. Would Lively Latin be suitable, or should I move straight into LFC? I don't mind repeating material as I figure that they can move quicker through material that they already know and use it as a good review so they have a strong foundation.


Can anyone offer me some advise on where to move to?

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We're using LFC A with an 8 yo and 6 yo. They love it, mostly because of the DVD. I do a lot of the writing. It's working very well for us. 8 yo is retaining everything. Prior to this we did a semester of Prima Latina and a semester of Minimus. We were ready to get into the grammar. LFC is a great fit for us.

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