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Goopy eyes - when to call the dr?

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Uuummmm... for anyone but me, I'd say "when the goopy green stuff starts appearing". :D


I'm comfortable with treating stuff on my own, though.


If it makes you feel better, after parenting for 20 years and 4 children, I have yet to remember napkins or a change of clothes.

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We always called it a "cold in the eye" as a kid. What it is (usually) is a sinus infection or ear infection (or both) that squeezes out the tear ducts. My youngest had blocked tear ducts and got infections in those (later cleared by a simple operation at around 1 year old) but that is different and not with a cold/sinus issue. Pink eye is gooey but also red, itchy eyes and again, not with cold symptoms.


Green is usually a sinus infection, so green from nose or eyes usually gets us antibiotics. But if DD is really stuffed she will still have mucus in her eyes, without infection. Me, I'd wait unless there was also fever to see if it clears up alone. But we have this a lot, so I know how to deal. Poor kid just has really messed up sinus cavities. She's the queen of boogers!

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We were told that most goopy eyes are caused by viruses, and we just use warm rags to keep them clean and comfy. If they do not clear up in 24-48 hours, then I would call the nurse and ask for drops. We have yet to take our youngest in for goopy eyes since learning this from his oncologist. If only we had known a few years ago, our middle DS would not have had so many gentamycin (sp?) drops. Live and learn I guess. If they eye starts to look 'strange' then call right away. Our middle DS did have a nasty infection where it looked like his eye...well, I will spare details, but it was nasty, and that could have been trouble if left untreated.

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