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I have to say I am torn about the upcomong PHP conf.

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Our anniversary is May 4th so getting away would be nice. Going to Colonial Williamsburg would be great. We can easily drive there in half a day but ..... I know DH would really NOT be into it. It sounds so interesting to me but I don't want to "torture" DH for our anniv. He says sign us up but I know he would be doing it for me not us.


Just sharing - I need to go and be productive now.

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I'm a part-time CC professor, and the next week is finals week. Typically the weekend before I get piles of emails in a panic over the "end." I'll also have projects to grade that whole weekend. Yes, I could take my laptop, but what kind of vacation is that? If I go to a homeschool event (which is where my heart is), I want to BE there.


Andrew Pudewa is also going to be in Virginia next month, so I'll probably do that instead. Besides, for that one I can leave at dawn and be home for dinner. :001_smile:


Oh well!

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shouldn't we be together if we are going to go away. I am also sweating farming out 4 kids over 2-3 days. Seriously, the longest we have been away was for 1 night since our oldest was born. That's just sad.


It would be nice if we could do conference, bring the kids, and just keep going to the Outer Banks for the following week. The beach is his natural habitat.


I think I just want spring most of all. The cold, cold air here is wearing on me. I do like the Queen and Prince comparison.

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Oh...how I am wishing for spring too!


To tell you the truth, I understand your predicament: wanting to be together for your anniversary, and not wanting to leave the kids.


If you decide to go......

Couldn't you do some of the conference lectures, and not all?


Does he golf? There's plenty of golfing right there.


Busch Gardens is an absolutely beautiful amusement park, and will be open.


Just brainstorming.

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