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Field trip inspiration needed...what have your favorites been?

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1. Since dd2 came along, field trips have dwindled. I need some new ideas.


2. What field trips have you found successful with a toddler, or strategies have made it more successful? (aside from hiring a sitter :0) )


3. How do you keep inspired to take the youngest kids to the same places you already visited before with the older kids? Especially places like the Zoo, that don't change much year to year.


4. What kind of trips have you found worth traveling for?


5. Any other ideas, suggestions, advice appreciated!

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I don't know what's in your area... But, for us, a trip to the city to visit

"China Town" or some area that is more authentically cultural. If I did this with a young one, I'd definately use a stroller. But walking the streets of a cultural area (where we go is relatively safe! sounds so funny to say that!) is such an experience. There are lots of tucked in/side street/hole in the wall places with so much to learn. But, that's not everyone's cuppa...


Outside of the routines, like a zoo or museum, we're more of "activity" oriented... hit the parks, play tennis, frisbee tag, hiking, heading to snow or heading to the beach...

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