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Which graphing calculator?

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My son is in his last two weeks of Saxon Algebra I and Will be starting Algebra II in a few weeks. His Dive CD suggested getting a graphing calculator at this time for his last few lessons. There are so many and they are all terribly expensive. What is my best option for one that will last through Calculus? Is there a place to purchase them that is less expensive (Staples, Office Max, Walmart)? What model or brand has the best quality at the cheapest price? What are you using?

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and it is working very well for him. I do wish that we'd spent the extra few dollars and got the "Silver Edition" because it has a lot more memory. There are all kinds of applications that can be downloaded onto it from the internet, like a Periodic Table and a Simultaneous Equation solver.


I believe that the TI-84 is acceptable for both the SAT & ACT. The ACT seems to have stricter requirements, and some higher level TI models are not allowed on the ACT.


I bought my son's calculator at Staples during the Back-to-School deals in August and got an excellent deal on it. If you can't find a deal now, and there are only a few lessons that use the graphing feature, perhaps you could borrow one or just go through those lessons later.




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Sometimes they will recommend a particular model, so you might want to follow suit.


Personally, I use a now antique TI-85. The TI-84 is quite popular these days.


The absolutely cheapest way to get a graphing calculator is to buy one from a pawn shop. It probably won't have a manual so you'll have to order one--factor that in the price.

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