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Kaplan online SAT prep. Worthwhile or not?

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Our oldest daughter, 21, just paid for her own refresher class from Kaplan for her nursing boards. She is a fine test taker but I am wondering about the class for the SAT for our high schooler that hasn't tested that great up to this point.


thank you for any insight...

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Well, my ds does not test as well as he could in math so I just bought this (your posts here bought it to my attention) and will post more once he gets started. I did have him look at all the info about the program before buying it - ds said it did look worth doing. He has to start off with the practice SAT this weekend so his levels etc. can be set by Kaplan.


PS he has not taken the SAT before - just the PSAT where he scored middling (this after taking Algebra II with A's and B's all year in class). His first ACT was a 27 - he thinks his math was held down by the fact that he did not have his usual calculator with him for test day.


PPS Kaplan lists about 49 more of these for sale - 210 already sold.

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My 8th and 10th graders are both doing this program right now.


It's hard to get any kind of feedback from my 10th grader.


My 8th grader thinks it is helping her. She is skipping all the math work at this time, because she is still working in Algebra I and it goes all the way up to Algebra II. She did the math work up until it got to things that she hadn't learned yet. She took the ITBS in November and she said the test-taking strategies that it taught helped her a lot. She stresses a LOT for tests. I figured starting this program early to give her lots of time to become familiar with the kinds of things on the SAT would help her stress level. She did a lot better on the initial diagnostic test than I thought she would. She scored just 60 points behind her older sister.

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