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Can y'all help me out with an auction on ebay? It's my first time and I REALLY want

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Well it looks like you don't have much time left, so I would come up with your absolute max. money that you will spend, wait until the last few seconds and put the bid in. That's all that I can think of. Curious to see what others say. Make sure you have good internet connection and it doesn't time you out and the bid doesn't go through.


Good luck.


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Decide the absolute maximum you want to pay. Remember to subtract their shipping charges. You might want to take a quick search at amazon and/or half.com to make sure what the book is going for. I've seen many, many newbies get all excited about an auction and bid more than they would have to pay elsewhere. Very sad.


Wait until 2 minutes before the auction ends, then make sure your logged on to e-bay.


At one minute before the auction ends, bid your maximum (plus 2 cents). You want to add in that extra two cents so that you'll outbid someone else who is trying to place the same maximum bid. Place your bid, then make sure you "Confirm" it on the next screen.


Then, hold your breath and cross your fingers (if you believe in luck).

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If your computer internet is relatively fast then you need to try & wait until the last 20 seconds (& that's kinda generous). Have 2 screens up: One where you can watch & refresh the item to see if any other bids come in & watch the time count down & a Second one where you have your next bid ready to be confirmed. Add your highest bid at about 20 seconds or less, depending on your computer internet speed. Test yourself by counting how many seconds it takes for your computer to refresh your screen. You seem to be bidding against someone who is also a novice, but there may be others watching that will also bid at the last seconds. Good luck. Let us know if you get it!

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this cookbook. I've bid, but don't really know what I am doing and have been outbid. Here's a link to the auction...




Please, tell me how to win this thing....


If you don't win it on e-bay, there are several available used on Amazon.



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