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Sculpey problems

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If it got hot, it may be half cured and hopeless. If it was in a hot car, by a heater or left in the sun it can happen without you knowing.


You can try returning it to the store but I don't know if they will do anything since it has been a few months.


You could try mixing it with some other polymer clay if you have some laying around. Just take a bit of each to see if they will mix. The moisture from the other clay may be enough to soften the new.


If it is a last ditch effort and not a project that you have a lot invested into, you may try a few drops of mineral oil. I don't have any idea if it would work, but if you are going to throw it away...it may be worth a try. I would just add a drop to a small amount of clay, and if it softens it, then bake it to see what effect it has.



I am sorry your project is delayed,


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