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Williamsburg Conference - a scheduling dilemma

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I'm very excited about this conference, and since I had hoped to visit Colonial Williamsburg with ds 9 and 6 in conjunction with our early American history studies using SOTW 3 this year, I am planning to travel from Chicago to attend.


I was also pleased to hear that discounted rates for Colonial Williamsburg will be offered for conference attendees at the very low rate of $7.50 per day. I hope to take advantage of this opportunity on April 30.


However, given the scheduled events at the conference on Friday and Saturday, it doesn't seem that there will be another opportunity to take advantage of this terrific discount while we are there :sad:


OTOH, at $49.95 per person, X3, the cost to vist Williamsburg on Sunday after the conference is considerable.


Without asking for the moon, is there any possibility that the discounted rate could be extended to include Sunday and / or Monday?


I'm sure there are many of us who would be very grateful!

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So they are good for April 30th, May 1st, May 2nd, and May 3rd?


On your webpage, when you order the tickets it says April 30th - May 2nd.


But in the post above it says NOT on the day before (April 30th)


Sorry but I need to get this info finalized so Dh can ask for the time off. And we reserved the rooms for 4/30, 5/1 & leaving on 5/2 but if we cannot use the tickets on the 30th I need to redo my reservation.



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OK, here's the final word.


Discounted tickets are available for April 30 (the day before the conference) as well as for May 1 and 2 (the two days of the conference). They are not available for Sunday, May 3.


I just confused things by posting the wrong information. Sorry. Normally our conference manager prevents me from putting my oar in for just this reason.


So if you want to attend the conference AND do CW, as opposed to just sending the kids and spouse, you should plan to come a day early.


Does that answer the questions?



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