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I Got It! I Got It!

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No one else will appreciate my excitement, so I'm going to post my good news here. I finally found the 1965 Solution Key for Modern Geometry Structure and Method!! I ordered it last Friday, and it arrived in today's mail delivery.:w00t:


I started my search for the 1960's Dolciani math books last April, so it has taken me less than a year to track down the student texts, teacher editions, and solution keys for all 4 books in the series. I thought this day would never, ever happen; especially last fall when I dealt with a couple of sellers who were reluctant to refund money on books that weren't properly advertised.


Whew! I feel a huge sense of relief. Now I'm ready for high school math; I'm planning to start Modern Algebra next year with my oldest son. I'm excited, but my son's not quite as thrilled...:001_huh:

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Hi Paula,


I've found most of the Dolciani books on Amazon.com. I find the entry for the book I'm looking to buy. Even if there are no books available, I put the book on my wish list. Then I check my wishlist every morning to see if any books for sale have been added. To my surprise, there was a solution key available last Thursday morning, and I immediately bought it. Of course, the real test is when the book arrives, and you find out whether or not it's the one you thought you bought. This time I struck gold! (and for a very low price at that)


I did buy a couple of Dolciani books off of E-bay, but my experience there was not very good. I found most of the sellers with Dolciani items way over-priced, and some of the books were not properly advertised. E-bay was not very customer service oriented when I had to deal with a seller that was extremely dishonest about the book he was selling. I did eventually get my money back plus return shipping, but it was a long process. I've had much better service from Amazon when I needed a refund for an item not properly advertised. To date, this has only happened twice (both involved Dolciani books).


Good luck!

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not sure if it's diligence or just an obsessive-compulsive tendency; maybe it's a little of both.


LOL! That's me, when I'm on the hunt for something, too. I found d'Angelo's Composition in the Classical Tradition a few months ago for $30 and was so excited that I shared here on the boards, too! Congratulations! I still have your "how to find Dolciani books" thread bookmarked for when I start my search for high school math.

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