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What to use AFTER Apologia Jump In?


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I am trying to get a pretty good plan for our writing for the next few years. The oldest will be in 6th next year and I'd like to have her plan completed through 8th grade. She's had no formal writing/composition instruction. She was in public school until this year (5th) and is lacking in this area. I have researched several writing programs and the Apologia appeals to me the most. However, I'm concerned with where to go after she's completed that. If you've used Apologia, what did you do after completing it?

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WTM recommends not concerning yourself with too much original writing until high school.


In elementary school the emphasis is on correct grammar, copywork, narration, dictation. I recommend the WWE series.


In middle school the emphasis is on outlining - I use her recommendation of Outlining from Remedia and it is very easy to use, and teach outlining skills.


What do you use for grammar - we use R&S English

R&S English 5 gives some instruction in outlining, and has a bit of creative writing - you won't need any more than that covered in R&S.


After outlining has been learnt, it is not an easy skill initially as the kids need to make decisions about what to leave in and what to leave out, they then move onto rewriting the paragraph in their own words, using their outline. This too is covered in R&S 5.


If you do consider the R&S grammar books, then don't do R&S 6 if you haven't a thorough foundation in grammar, it will be too overwhelming. R&S 5 lays a lot of foundation.

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