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History At Our House


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I am using HaOH this year. We wanted to do middle school American History so we are listening to the pre-recorded lectures that he has from last year.


I don't know why, but the upper elementary class and middle school level were combined - so that is the one we are listening too. We find the pace of the class to be very slow. (My guess is that it is aimed at 4th grade) He spends 10-15 minutes of each 30 minute lesson doing a review of previous topics. I like how Mr. Powell makes connections between what is happening in American History and what happened at the same time in the rest of the world. My dd, who is an avid reader, doesn't have the patience to sit and listen so I turned her loose on the Hakim books, but my son, not an avid reader, is continuing to listen to Mr. Powell.


I'd like to try his Modern History next year, but only if he has a middle school level that isn't combined. I like his presentations, but my kids need more details and less repetition.

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