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Trivium Academy, Are you Coordinating United S to geography?

Chris in VA

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No. All super-duper-fabulous-planning and customizing lesson planning is out the window for the next year. Just plain ol' open the book and do the work around here. I'm talking as bare bones as I can stand to get.


Discovering the World Through Geography (4 books)

No history at all because we're focusing on reading with study guides for the year. Books already chosen with corresponding study guides.




Intermediate Language Lessons (even using the poetry from ILL instead of The Harp & Laurel Wreath)

God's Design for the Physical World


and that's all. Art and music will come from geography and picture study from ILL. I am getting the Artists and Composer dramatized biographies DVDs as an extra for next year.


Sniff, sniff...I'm not coordinating anything.

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