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When can they get up?

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Dd1 & I have a cold. She's drippy, red eyes, miserable. I'm just miserable. Tired. Ds8 & dd5 have kind-of had the run of the place the last few days, between this & family in town.


So I went to lay dd1 down today, & she got up (toddler bed--she finally discovered a way out of the crib). I put her back, closed the door, & she stood there & cried pitifully. The way her nose is running, I really didn't want to leave her there like that.


So I went to reason w/ her. To explain that crying will hurt her nose. That sleep will make her feel better. (Hear my desperation?) So we make compromises involving a song from my soar throat & a duck who needs a nap, too. I sing. She closes her eyes.


Ds8 & dd5, who are supposed to be making sandwiches & picking up play kitchen stuff, respectively, begin making TONS of noise. Enough that if I had stretchy arms, I'd have reached down the hall, grabbed them, & put them to bed. But I don't.


Then--oh, THEN!--they had the GALL to actually WALK. INTO. THE. BEDROOM. where I'm trying to put 1yo to bed. Our apt. is so small that if 1yo is *close* to going to bed much less IN it, we treat the whole house like holy ground, lol, so they KNOW the rules. I just sent them up their ladders to bed.


By then, though, it was all over for 1yo. She was smiling, playing peek-a-boo, etc. So *she* got up, & ds8 & dd5--w/whom I was going to do school once dd1 was down--are down instead.


Do I a) give the Latin & Hist & Math to 1yo to do for them :lol: b) get them up & make them do school w/ 1yo running around c) make them do school *after* a *full* nap (1-2 hrs), as in, the rest of the day, during dinner, whatever d) go back to bed myself & ignore it all? ;)

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