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"stoopid" grammar question


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I can't figure this out, and it is driving me batty. Would one write:


1) I wanted to give you a head's up?




2) I wanted to give you a heads up?


And why would the correct answer be correct? Seems like #1. I wanted to give you an up OF the head. But I really don't know!


Sorry to be a dummy!

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This comes from the military, where someone shouts to a group of people that there is something coming in over their heads. Thus, I would say #2, since the saying is not possessive or a contraction that would require an apostrophe. However, I grant you that the "s" looks funny by itself. I might tend to put the saying in quotation marks. I've seen it hyphenated, but I don't think there are grammatical grounds for that.


Where is this being used? If it is for formal writing, please rewrite and take it out. It's a colloquialism that is meant for informal speech, not writing.


You are not a dummy! You are a brave person who's admitting that they are not sure of something.

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I am not THAT "stoopid." I was just typing it to someone in an e-mail, and I couldn't figure which was was right.


But if I am addressing only one person should it be "head-up?" Boy, that sounds wacky! I need to click on the link Drew provided.


I can't believe how quickly I got responses!

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