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Selling curriculum - best venues?

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Where have you had the most success selling your used curriculum? By success I would consider


speed of sale

easy to post offerings

wide market (ie, lots of buyers)

reasonable seller fees (as in, none, maybe!)


Where are you most likely to buy used curriculum?


Thanks, I have lots to sell now, but haven't sold any for a long time before this year, so I appreciate all your advice!

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VegSource but I find their site annoying and slow.


And also difficult to navigate. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I also don't seem to find what I'm looking for on Homeschoolclassifieds.com.


I buy a lot on Amazon Marketplace. I sell there, too, but haven't sold any curriculum. I like (both ways) the protection of payment through their system.


That isn't to say that I don't look at other places, but that's where I tend to buy used.

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Homeschool classifieds is the fastest, easiest and has great features to help manage your listings.


Here I have mixed luck. Not too many serious buyers, too many people asking questions that was already answered in the ad. I still post here, but sell an item here 1:10 to homeschool classifieds. I like to support this community but just haven't had great luck. I do like that I can post many items in one place, and that saves on shipping for someone who may want 1-2 related items or the whole lot. I have had better luck buying here, than selling so maybe I just had a run of lousy buyers.


Vegsource is annoying. Too slow, mixed up, too many scammers. If you do sell there make sure to check out the board that calls people out for not being ethical in their transactions. I am assuming they still have that..?

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