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We are using her now and dd likes her well enough. I don't think there is any entertainment factor here like the grammar guys from English whom dd loved, but she seems to do a good job of teaching. Dd always seems to get it and hardly ever has any questions for me she just watches the DVD and does her lesson.


DD just is up now so I ask her was there anything funny or entertaining about the math...she said no, it's math. We really disliked the 4th grade math teacher and abandoned her early on. DD really dislikes watching the DVDs anyway, because she thinks they take up too much of her time and complained about the 5th grade math and I did most of the teaching there, but this year she has not complained about Ms. Moon. I think it took this long to get over 3rd grade DVD burn-out. We only use it for math and science now, but may add in more next year...poor kid!

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