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Is there a secular Sonlight board or list on what books to avoid (M)


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Do you mean that there's no response to your post on SonlightSecular yet? Or that the moderator hasn't approved you to join the list yet?


I'd be happy to help you with any of the cores from K through 7. We're only halfway through Core 100 so far, so I can't help with much of that.


You can pm me or email me or just post here. I usually check this board at least 1x/day. Yesterday was a mess with a field trip and car trouble, so I never got around to looking at this board.

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I remember replacing Hero Tales with Children's Book of Virtues by William Bennet.


Recommendations for books to plug in to replace Beginner's Bible since you'll be using Core 1:

*Dinosaur Hunters (Step into Reading)

*The Day of the Dinosaur (Stan and Jan Berenstein)

*Dinosaurs Before Dark (Mary Pope Osborne) Magic Treehouse series

*Sunset of the Sabertooth (Mary Pope Osborne) Magic Treehouse

*Ice Mummy (Step into Reading)

*The Day after the Dinosaur (Stan and Jan Berenstein)

*Wild and Woolly Mammoths (Let's Read and Find Out Science)

*Mummies in the Morning (Mary Pope Osborne) Magic Treehouse

*Tut's Mummy, Lost and Found (Step Into Reading)

*The Trojan Horse (Step into Reading)

*Hour of the Olympics (Mary Pope Osborne) Magic Treeehouse

*The Twelve Labors of Hercules (Step into Reading)

*Archimedes Takes a Bath (Lexan)

*Day of the Dragon King (Mary Pope Osborne) Magic Treehouse series

*Pompeii:Buried Alive (Step into Reading)

*The Beast of Lor (Clyde Bulla)

*Vacation Under the Volcano (Mary Pope Osborne) Magic Treehouse

*Days of Charlemagne (Francoise Lebrun)

*Viking Adventure (Bulla)

*Viking Ships at Sunrise (Mary Pope Osborne) Magic Treehouse series

*Castle Diary

*The Sword in the Tree (Bulla)

*The Knight at Dawn (Mary Pope Osborne) Magic Treehouse series

*Minstrel in the Tower

*Night of the Ninjas (Osborne) Magic Treehouse series


Some of these books may be too difficult for your dc. These are the books I used with my oldest as readers when she did this Core, but she was reading very well. Most of them are listed as 2nd grade reading level (if I could find a level listed at all). When I did Core 1 with my youngest, I couldn't use regular books as readers, because she needed strictly phonetic materials to work with at that point. She is dyslexic and didn't reach grade level in reading until the end of 3rd grade.


Nonrelated books that will work well as additional 2nd grade level readers:

Young Cam Jansen series

Horrible Harry series

Oliver and Amanda Pig series

Pinky and Rex series

Nate the Great series

sister series for Nate the Great - don't remember the title

Magic Treehouse series (although there are many books in that series that will relate)

Rainbow Magic fairies (only for girls - boys would rather die than read them)

Pony-Crazed Princess (only for girls - boys would rather die than read them)



Books to leave out of Core 1:

From Abeku to Zapotec

George Muller

Missionary Stories with the Millers


books to skip in grade 3 readers:

A Question of Yams


Several new books have been added to the grade 3 readers list since I bought that level. I don't know anything about: Prarie School, Third Grade Detectives, Tippy Lemmey, Tornado. Jake Drake was added recently as well, but I know that one doesn't have religious content.

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In the catalogue the is an x at the bottom of a book's preview blurb that will tell you if it's one of the Christian/evangelical titles. I also go on Amazon for reviews. If I'm still unsure, I see if the local library has a copy I can preview. Also, I would encourage you to keep asking questions on the Sonlight Secular list. I think many are sick right now and that might be why you have not received many answers.

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