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MFW RtoR with a 3rd and 2nd grader?? Would you?? Or ECC??


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Here's the scoop -


I will have a 2nd and 3rd grader in the fall. Both are very advanced readers (both easily reading NIV - missing a few things but overall smooth, E.B. White, Cleary, etc.). Last year for K/1 I did MFW Adventures. Loved it except the states. We didn't do much writing but we loved the overall plan and the readers were on level for my kids (the older at 1st read a lot of the book basket as assigned reading). This year we did SOTW 1 with the AG. We also did 9 weeks of TOG 1 but it was a bad fit for me. Maybe someday. So - I want to go back to MFW but I have little to no interest in ECC. The states killed me last year (BORING!!) and though my friends swear it's a million times better I am not sold. I also want to keep the history continuous.


So here are my questions---


1. Would the RtoR be OK for strong 2nd/3rd graders? We are content sensitive - but we've already read the Dangerous Journey and Door in the Wall with no problems (BOY - Door in the Wall was so great!!). I think we've read some in the basic package but their picks are so good we'll read what's on the schedule.


2. If we do RtoR will it require a ton of altering for these ages? Dropping one books would be OK (we did that with the Adventures core - it was really boring) - but huge changes might make me rethink.


3. Should I bit the bullet and just do ECC. I am not enthusiastic - but I have heard the bible and missionary work is rich and wonderful.

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