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Why potty training isn't happening in my house...

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A conversation this morning between my 7 year old son and his 3 year old NON-potty trained little brother:


7 year old: Why won't you p**p on the potty?

3 year old: I don't want to.

7 year old: But why? Don't you like ice cream?

3 year old: I like ice cream, but I don't want to p**p on the potty.

7 year old: But it's been a long time since we had ice cream and Mom said we would have ice cream if you p**ped on the potty.

3 year old: I don't want to.

7 year old(getting frustrated): Well, no one is going to like you if you are an adult and still wearing diapers!

3 year old: I still won't do it.


I was laughing at the whole conversation. The little guy is so determined to be in control of something. The joys of three year olds!


Jenne in AZ

(dd9, ds7, ds3)

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Well not sure how badly you want him to P++p in the potty, my 3 year old was the same way. It was just after his 3rd birthday, (in July) about September, he decided he was going to start peeing in the toilet. Well, that was fine, but he's still have BM in his pants. I could watch him like a hawk and it didn't matter, as soon as I turned my back, he would have a BM. Well, this went on all winter and finally in March I had had it. It was getting nice out and I finally said "Caleb, if you aren't going to go p++p in the toilet, then you aren't going to play outside." It took one week of me letting his brother & sister go outside and play and then the following Saturday, I was outside with them and dh was inside. I went back in and Caleb said "I have to go p++p" Ok, let's go. Sure enough, he started going in the toilet and has ever since. Truly I think that you have to find something that they want so badly that they will give that control over and just do it. Anyway, FWIW, that was my experience. We tried bribing with everything else, my mom even bought a bunch of toys so that when he went, he could pick out a toy. Nada, didn't work! Now we did use the toys after he finally decided that he wanted to go, but that was not the ultimate motivating factor, going outside was.



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Glad to know that my 3 year old son isn't the only one still in diappers. For me it just wasn't a big deal or priority. My first son didn't potty train till he was 4. I preferred to have him in diappers rather than be on the road in the car and have an emergency need, plus didn't want him using public toilets. We did try from like 3 on, but he just resisted and I didn't push him. I think he was also a bit afraid to go in the toilet then one day we were trying and he had to go so much he just peed in the potty and that was that, from then on he just went in the potty. I like your story, I'll have to ask my 3 year old if he wants to pee in the potty and if not why not.

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