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Geometry: A Guided Inquiry and Jacob Geometry

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Thank you for the reply, Ladies!!! I read the review, but I still cannot decide . Does Jacobs Geometry also use the The Geometer's Sketchpad ? The review states that Geometry: A Guided Inquiry is a more natural way to learn and the result or retention is more long lasting. Can anyone has used this curriculum give me some feedback or explain this to me?


And why you use Jacobs? thanks.

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However, we never seemed to have time to do that stuff, so I was glad I had not purchased the program.


I like Jacobs Geometry for the same reasons I like his AL I, it is very well written, explains the "why", has good problem sets. I like the way it has Al I reviews at the end of each chapter. It was just a natural progression for us. We moved from those to Foerster for Al and Precalculus and now use Chalkdust for Calculus. I feel that all of these courses are very strong on explanation and understanding.

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